UK bass pioneer, DJ, label owner, ex-pro basketball player, dubstep champion, the dopest ghost: Caspa can be introduced in many ways.

When one of the world’s most well known dubstep artists reaches out to you (a fan) on your photography Instagram, AND wants to hire you because of the work he’s seen on your page (@120dBPhotography) it's hard not to be excited!

We started out with original photography, retouching, and design work, that combined for what was a few one-off, single releases. It quickly scaled into what is now known as the VIBRATIONS series - culminating into a four panel physical digipak design. I utilized a darker palette with lots of clipped and muted blacks, as an obvious choice for the originator of the deep, dark, and heavy signature baselines he is known for. Impressed with the work I had completed we met up in London to complete a promo photoshoot. These photographs have been published around the world, through both web outlets and printed assets. I continue to work closely with Caspa developing new designs, motion graphics, promo assets and more.

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