Flashback is an award winning mental-health campaign developed to bring awareness to PTSD and MDMA as a potential for effective, long lasting treatment. Teams of doctors, psychologists, scientists and trauma survivors at MAPS.ORG dedicate their lives to this on-going mission.

In this project, I designed a series of collateral to inform and inspire openness to the new perspective. Starting with a laser-cut clock featuring a repetitive series of ovals that undulate into the middle - reminiscent of the feelings survivors often describe when they spiral into a flashback. This clock was auctioned off and all proceeds directly benefited the MAPS organization. I captured photographs of the piece which later turned into a large-format poster and smaller posters for alternate spaces.

Next I wrote & designed a book called “It’s Not All Black & White: MDMA & PTSD”. It features subtleties such as fore-edge printing (see short youtube video below) to reveal the book's title upon closer inspection. Conjoined with an immersive art installation which required you to physically look inside to see the array of mirrors strategically cut and arranged to make your perception shift - all in the essence of the campaign. Finally, a short film was story boarded and produced with motion graphics and video footage. The on-going goal of awareness stayed at the forefront throughout this project, while still creatively focusing on the flashbacks PTSD victims often deal with. Simultaneously, the proceeds contributed to clinical trials of MDMA treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while the social awareness aspect informed the public about new solutions to old problems.

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