What started out as just posts of my experiments, sketches, and paintings turned into my own apparel line, merchandising deals with the co-founder of Guess? Jeans, collaborations with Australian psychedelic-rock band Tame Impala and invites to show my work at exclusive art exhibitions. 

In 2013, VIZCONS (Visually Conscious) started as a means to express myself through daily experimentation and sharing work on IG (@VIZCONS). Over the years it has transformed with me through my creative endeavors, initially influenced through my time in LA working with apparel brands, manufacturers, models, and pattern makers. I quickly immersed myself deeper into the design and production processes developing pieces for a dye-sublimation production company. They gave me hands on experience with their printers, heat presses, embroidery machines, and sewing machines. This lead me to create my own dye-sub pieces, convert my own printers, and even rebuild a wide format solvent-vinyl-printer I bought on eBay (in my apartment, nonetheless, lol.) All of this has helped to expand my deep understanding into the workflows and limitations of physical production both from a design and production standpoint.

Soon after developing the VIZCONS visual identity and handling all aspects of the production workflow, I found myself leaning back into my design-school developed hand skills and painting technically precise black and white optical art originals. Read more about VIZCONS art here.

My immersive practice and mentoring by industry leaders, AD’s, CD’s, and business minds excited me to start pursuing my own entrepreneurial dreams that I carry on today.

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